about us

the be app is your curated neighbourhood and events guide that speaks in an informed yet informal way about everything, from independent retail, art venues, late night bars or early morning artisan markets. experience every city we cover like a local, as we go beyond the conventional and reveal less explored “destination neighbourhoods” and hidden spots that asian cities have to offer.

the be app shows snugged family owned bistros in tokyo, and also the eclectic new singaporean cuisine, unassuming cocktail bars in bangkok and the high end galleries in manila; the best in asia can be found in the confluence of contrasting local communities. we canvassed the cities carefully for these lesser known sights.

the be app takes you away from the crowd and leaves you with a sense of discovery even in cities that you may have visited many times before. we also introduce creatives, entrepreneurs, budding designers, young chefs, locals and foreigners alike, who seize opportunities to do something great in their city.

now available for free download on ios and android, the be app is for travellers who want to get the most out of their stay, however short. but it’s also for local residents who are kept upto-date with interesting events and activities.

we are locals and we work with fellow locals to make sure you get “live” updates and recommendations so that you can easily find your niche, a place you can genuinely connect with, and spots you consider home away from home.

ryan and gerrit

the be app was created by filipino-german couple, ryan and gerrit. they drew inspiration from their own love for travel and sharing their experiences to friends and family. they are fortunate enough to have travelled the world together extensively and both have lived in various cities.

“our app takes you on a journey around asian neighborhoods that are often difficult to navigate, drawing you away from the obvious and letting you delve into the hidden,” ryan said. “we created it for everyone who wants to feel like a resident rather than a tourist when exploring a new place.” gerrit adds: “we are trying to achieve this by presenting local entrepreneurs as well as the people in your neighborhood and aim to support the various communities hidden in a big city, inviting you to become part of them.”

partner with us

nothing fires people up like discovering new things, and at the be app we know this better than anyone else. we’ve brought together local audiences and visitors onto one platform sharing their love for unique everyday experiences. elevate your business with the be app’s unique content. our team of writers, designers, developers and marketers can help you achieve your goals with a range of innovative solutions.

let’s work together! contact us now at hello@thebeapp.com