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plenty of travel guides have a difficult time conveying that a city is never just the sum of its best sights, the be app instead celebrates the diversity of neighbourhoods. we call it “destination neighbourhoods” – a term that describes local experiences that individual districts of cities have to offer. every city in the be app is categorised according to these neighbourhoods. travellers can then do a deep dive on the establishments and institutions, and interact with locals that make up that neighbourhood’s personality.
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the best part of about the be app is that it isn’t just for out-of-towners. it’s constantly kept up-to-date with interesting events and activities that even residents will want to be looped in on.
the be app isn’t just for out-of-towners. it is constantly kept up-to-date with interesting events and activities that even residents will want to be looped in on.

be local. everywhere.

handpicked neighborhoods

go beyond the usual tourist attractions and eat, drink, and party where the locals are. be part of the local community for an authentic experience.


make memories where you are by going to the events near you. coffee classes, wine tasting, art exhibits, concerts, and anything that’s happening in the neighborhood.


get to know the real locals and what they do in the neighborhood. be where they are and be part of the activities that they enjoy.


be is your curated neighborhood and events guide

  • find and explore hidden local hangouts to get to know the neighborhood better
  • see upcoming events near you or where you want to go, so you’ll never miss out
  • up-to-date guides show the best places to go for food, drink, and entertainment

neighborhood guides

explore the city like never before

find hidden gems

be free to explore hidden spots where you are. be is your guide to activities and interesting things to do hidden in plain sight.

never miss out

be in the know with regularly updated information about locations and events in the neighborhoods you’d like to explore

meet the locals

be where the locals are and get to know the culture and personalities that make each neighborhood truly unique

who uses be?

these are the people in your neighborhood

be is for foodies and drink connoisseurs seeking authentic local dishes and the best watering holes hidden around the city.
be is for music and art lovers who want to immerse themselves in local culture by being where the local performers and artists showcase their work.
be is for travellers and explorers who want to go beyond the usual tourist spots and find new, exciting ways to explore a city.
be is for anyone who wants to find the places where they’re just free to be.

your personal wingman

we curate a "plan be" be in the right place at the right time

  • we show you hidden gems on a journey around asian neighborhoods, which are often difficult to navigate
  • we connect you with local entrepreneurs and artists in the community and invite you to become part of it
  • we share your passion to travel and our love for the cities we cover, giving you insider tips from one friend to another


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